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Fill out the below bail form for St Lucie County Jail and we will begin the bail process. All tasks can be performed online. There is no need to leave your home. We will begin the release at St. Lucie County Jail or any other jail.


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    Getting someone out of jail does not have to be an expensive affair. Most people don’t have thousands of dollars just sitting around. In many cases, people turn to a bail bondsman to cover this expense. Use the form above to get started bonding out a friend or loved one. Or call us 24/7.

    When you think about a bail bondsman, you may think of Dogg the Bounty Hunter chasing someone through a motel parking lot.

    But that’s not the real work of a bail bondsman.

    What happens when your friend or loved one is arrested?
    After an arrest, a judge will set an appropriate bail. The amount of the bail depends on a number of things like the defendant’s criminal record, the nature of the crime or crimes committed, and where the defendant lives, among other things.

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    Every person is considered innocent until proven guilty. This means that technically speaking, the state shouldn’t be able to hold a person in prison before they’ve been officially convicted of a crime.

    So until their court date, the person facing charges is still considered innocent in the eyes of the law, and thus has a right to their freedom.

    That’s where a bail bondsman comes in. The judge can set bail. When we pay the posted bail amount on your behalf, your friend or loved one goes free until their court date.

    Bail works as a kind of deposit, ensuring that your friend or loved one will show up to their court date. If the bail is paid in full initially, then it will be returned upon completion of the defendant’s court requirements (minus court fees).

    Of course, not a lot of people can just afford for drop thousands of dollars on bail.

    That’s where we come is as you Fort Pierce bail bondsman.