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    Call us for a Free Fort Pierce Warrant Search. If we find you or your loved one has a warrant, you can schedule a “Warrant Walkthrough” with us. We offer this service at no extra fee. A Warrant Walkthroug reduces processing and holding times from approximately 4 hours, down to 30 minutes. We have your loved one’s release expedited to a 30 minute walkthrough. This is less hassle, a dignified process (see photo below) and has you or your loved one quickly back home on your schedule. Getting picked up randomly by the cops sucks.

    Warrant Walkthrough Locations:

    • Warrant Walkthrough Port Saint Lucie County
    • Warrant Walkthrough Martin County
    • Warrant Walkthrough Indian River County
    • Warrant Walkthrough Fort Pierce
    • Warrant Walkthrough Call for Other Florida Areas

    Here’s How to Begin:

    1. Call 772-444-2245 for a Free Fort Pierce Warrant Search or complete for above
    2. Come to office at 530 S US Hwy 1, Unit B, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950
    3. We complete bond paperwork (you can do this from your phone)
    4. We surrender with bond paperwork already completed
    5. You’re in and out in 30 minutes. Rick’s Bail Bonds expedites you through the walkthrough and home quickly to your loved ones


    Why is the arrest necessary?

    For a jailable offense an arrest is required to clear an arrest warrant, which is necessary in turn to resolve a case. Judges typically will not allow a case to be put on the docket when there is an outstanding arrest warrant and most prosecutors are too busy with cases that are on the docket to spend time working on off-docket matters.

    Consequently, when there is an outstanding arrest warrant, a walk-through arrest is usually the first step in getting a case resolved. This is true even if the case will ultimately be dismissed.

    Can an arrest warrant be dismissed or recalled?

    Many people mistakenly believe that a judge will dismiss a warrant that was issued on the basis of false accusations or incomplete evidence. While those are great defenses against a criminal prosecution, they are not relevant to the legal validity of an arrest warrant. Believe it or not, the concept of basic fairness simply is not a factor in the law applicable to arrest warrants. A criminal complaint is the only evidence required for a valid arrest warrant to be issued.