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Rick’s Bail Bonds Fort Pierce
a 24 Hour Bail Bonds
(all holidays included)



530 S US Hwy 1, Unit B
Fort Pierce, FL 34950
772-444-BAIL (2245)
[email protected]

Rick’s Bail Bonds is a 24 hour bail bonds which means we are open 24 hours a day to serve you in Fort Pierce and St. Lucie County. We are near the St. Lucie County Jail which helps us offer fastest release times. We are open all holidays. We offer Instant Bail which allows you to do everything you need from your mobile phone so you don’t have to leave your home or work to post bail for a friend or loved one.

One of the things that sets us apart from other bail bonds in Fort Pierce is that we are a 24 hour bail bonds. We will pick up the phone to help you at any time. You can call anytime day or night and Rick himself often picks up the phone.

Many bail agents won’t get out of bed for a small bond amount at 4 AM. If you have called 3 or 4 other bail bonds agencies at 3 or 4 AM in the morning and find that no one picks up the phone… or worse, you get a bail bond agent on the phone who tells you the bail amount is too low for them to get out of bed to help you… then call us!

Part ot the reason bail bonds agencies fail to offer service on small bond amounts is that many Fort Pierce bail bond owners usually have other careers and bail bonds work is a side-gig. It’s just not worth their time to accept every customer. Rick’s Bail Bonds is owned by me, Rick, and this is what I do for a living 24 hours a day. I work to get your family back together.

Please note that we are Rick’s Bail Bonds Fort Pierce. There is another Rick’s Bail Bonds doing business in another state. That is not us.

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