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Martin County Bail Bonds

In addition to knowing the Martin County jail system better than most, we offer you Instant Bail and in case you need, easy payment plans to reduce family stress. Most cases require you to post NO COLLATERAL for a Martin County bail bonds. We do offer the fastest release times.

You are in good hands because in order to serve you best we offer Martin County Bail Bonds services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the Martin County Jail is our home area, we offer you the fastest release times. We are sensitive to the trust you put in us so we ensure your loved one’s release from jail is fast. You can trust in our serve to you in a manner consistent with our clam, to have the “fastest release times” while upholding ethical standards.

Staffed 24 hours a day, even on holidays, when you need us most.

Upon request, we will be at the Martin County Jail to to assure the releases of your friend or family member promptly. Not many Martin County Bail Bonds offer this personalized service in a time of high stress. With a fast release from jail, your peace of mind is our goal. Call 772-444-2245

Contact us to learn how we have the “Fastest Release Times” in Martin County.

Rick’s Bail Bonds is the #1 choice for Martin County because this is our home. Our office is located here and our Fast Release Response Team lives her too.

Martin County Jail Inmate Search

You can get a listing of all currently incarcerated inmates by leaving all the boxes blank and click the Run Report button.

You can view the arrest information and photograph of a currently incarcerated Martin County inmate. Click the below link and enter his/her name and date of birth.

Martin County Jail Inmate Search

Or, call 772-444-2245

The Martin County Jail Complex currently has 696 maximum security beds. Inmates of every ethnic and socioeconomic group enter this facility with crimes ranging from civil infractions to murder. Many arrive with drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to requiring mental health services. Rick’s Bail Bonds strives for the fastest release time in order to provide families peace of mind.