What do Bondsmen Accept as Collateral?

Each bonding office will have their own standards but for the most part you can expect them to accept various forms of bail collateral. Some example of collateral include:

Real estate
Credit cards
Personal credit
Bank accounts

Are Some Bondsmen Less Expensive Than Others?

Like discounts, the general costs in your area depend on the locale’s statutes and regulations. Bonding agents are generally licensed and regulated by the state. The guiding principle is that the premium rates are not to be “excessive, inadequate, or unfairly discriminatory.” Rick’s Bail Bonds will provide you information upfront with full transparency.

What Should I Know Before I Contact Rick’s Bail Bonds?

There is certain information that a Rick’s Bail Bonds will need in order to help you:

Where is the person in custody? (Make sure you ask the person in custody where they are located including the city, state, and the name of jail).

What is the full name and booking number of person in jail? Rick’s Bail Bonds will need this information in order to contact the jail. We can get the booking number for you if you forgot or if it was not available.

How much is the bail? Rick’s Bail Bonds will get this information when they contact the jail if you do not have it. With the bail amount, we can tell you the amount it will cost to post a bond and requirements to get the person out of jail.

We will take care of this for you!!

Can The Defendant Leave The State Or The Country While On Bond?

You will have to get permission from the bonding office in writing before attempting to do so. If the court has given you direct instructions not to leave the state or country you must then get permission from the bail agent and the court before leaving. Otherwise you are subject to arrest. Best to speak to your Bail Bondsman about your unique situation.

Why Do You Need a Bail Bondsman?

By acting as your Bail Bondsman we are a guarantor to the court system, Rick’s Bail Bonds affirms to the Port St Lucie County that the inmate will show up to his or her court dates. In addition to this guarantee, the ability to be released from jail prior to the individual’s court date enables you to be with your loved one almost immediately after arrest.

Not All Bondsman Are Alike!

There are times when Rick’s Bail Bonds can save you thousands of dollars and other Bail Bonds may not want to. We recently had a women incarcerated with a $420,000 bound that therefore required $42,000 payment to a bail bond agent. The client came in with $30,000 cash and wanted to use a payment plan for the additional $12,000 due. Under a high stress situation, a family member rushing to release a loved one from jail can be vulnerable. We advised her to contact a lawyer of her choice to have her bail reduced in order to save money, by filing a motion for bond reduction. She did, and we are happy to report the bond was then reduced to $110,000 thus reducing her payment to $11,000 and saving her $31,000. NOT ALL BAIL BONDS AGENCIES ARE ALIKE and we pride ourselves on our high ethical standards.

Do I Get My Money Back After The Case Is Over?

There are a few exceptions to this but you do not get your premium back that you paid to the bail bonds office. This fee is what allowed the defendant to get out of jail and is fully earned once the defendant is out of custody. Without this release from custody, the defendant would stay in custody until his or her court date.

What are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are a form of payment, delivered by an individual accused of a crime, which allows them to temporarily leave the jail system until they are officially tried in a court setting. Bail bonds are offered to individuals who cannot meet their bail requirements; those who cannot meet bail may be awarded this provision, which is typically facilitated by Rick’s Bail Bonds in Port St Lucie County.

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Four Ways in Which a Person May be Released from Custody.

You can use a bondsman such as Rick’s Bail Bonds.
You can post cash for the full amount of the bond with the court or jail.
You can use real property (such as a home or a lot) with the court.
And lastly the judge can decide to let the defendant go on their own recognizance.

Under a stressful situation, after arrest and in order to release your loved one from jail as quickly as possible, a bail bondsmen is often the prefered choice. You can call us 24/7 for rapid response. Often, we can have your loved one out of jail within hours of arrest. We handle the process for you.