Fast Release from St Lucie County Jail

We offer fast releases from the St Lucie County Jail. If you have a loved one in this jail, Rick’s Bail Bonds Fort Pierce is you top choice because we specialize in this jail, know it well and are available to you 24 hours a day. We are open holidays too. Contact us now for immediate services.

Can a Bail Bonds Discount your Fees?

There have recently been some unethical bail bondsmen telling people in distress that they can offer cheaper bail. This is illegal and false. The rate that you pay a bail bond agent is based on Florida state statute and regulation. In Florida the allowable premium is set at 10%. It is illegal to change this rate. If a company agrees to discount their fee, they may lose their license. Some companies try and lead you into believing that you will receive a discount but in the end actually charge you the whole amount. Always ask the rate if you feel that you are being wrongly charged. Rick’s Bail Bonds Fort Pierce follows the state’s statutes and will always be upfront and answer all your questions.

What Is A Bail Bond & How Do They Work in Ft Pierce?

In Ft Pierce and for St Lucie County Jail, a judge sets a bail amount for an inmate (defendant). If the defendant can’t pay the amount on their own, they can ask for help from a Bail bondsman. We handle the Bail Bond for you. To post a Bail Bond, the defendant is required to pay 10% of the bail amount. This is Florida law. You won’t pay more or less than this. For example, a bond set at $5,000 would require a $500 bail amount be paid by the defendant. Some bail bonds companies will tell you they can offer cheaper bail. If they tell you this, it is a lie. All Florida bail bonds companies are legally required to charge 10% of the bail amount, no more or no less. Call us for help! We are open 24 hours a day, holidays included.

Warrant Walkthrough?

It is very common to have a warrant and not know it. Many people move and their mail is not properly forwarded and they don’t realize there has been a warrant issued due to not taking care of tickets, not appearing in court and just simply forgetting that they ever had a ticket. How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest? Rick will do a free warrant search for you over the phone. Please give him a call.

If you have a warrant, ask us for a Warrant Walkthrough. What is a Warrant Walkthrough you ask? A Warrant Walkthrough allows you to show up to the station on your own terms and we will have the bail paperwork pre-delivered to the jail at that time. This gets you out much faster then of you get arrested.

OMG, Instant Bail is So Fast!!!

This was a quote from one of our customers. She was arrested for an unpaid traffic violation. Her mother contacted Rick’s Bail Bonds Fort Pierce. Her mother was able to use our Instant Bail system. The Instant Bail system allows you to quickly post bail from your phone. No more paper forms or driving across town to cause delays. Our customers are experiencing the fastest release times in Ft Pierce. and St Lucie County Jail. Please call us to get started!! This new process is helping people return home in just hours. We have been very happy with the results so far.

We use “Instant Bail”

A person’s first thought upon landing in St Lucie County jail is often how to get out… and fast. The usual way to do this is to post bail. Rick’s Bail Bonds Fort Pierce offers the fastest release times. We use “Instant Bail”, our paperless process that you can use from your phone, from your home. Call for the details. Don’t get caught up in slow paper process. Get your loved one out quick.

A bail bondsman is the quickest…

When your loved one is arrested and facing criminal charges, the last thing you want is your loved one locked up and away from you. They need your support to help them get released on bail from the St Lucie County Jail and through the process. There is an option. A bail bondsman is usually the quickest and cheapest way to release someone from St Lucie County Jail. Common arrests that we bond out for in Fort Pierce: drug possession, DUI, burglary, misdemeanors, criminal traffic charges and others.

A Reputable Bail Bond Agent

A Reputable Ft Pierce Bail Bond Agent is an invaluable resource for someone who has no other way to pay their bail. We help our clients very quickly with kindness and care. If you asked Rick why he is so polite to his clients and their families, he will tell you that much of his business is from word of mouth. Thank you Fort Pierce for your trust.

Positive Reviews from Customers

Lately we have received some very good reviews from customers. We’re not here to pass judgment on why you wound up in police custody, but it may happen, and you should know how to protect yourself while getting arrested and once you’re in a holding cell. The way you behave can have a lot of bearing on whether this is a 24-hour ordeal that you can dine out on for years, or a 72-hour nightmare. Call us to learn how to get out fast!!!!

Confidence and Comfort in… Fast Bail Out of Jail

We know the law! You can feel comfortable placing your faith, confidence and interest in us. Rick’s Bail Bonds Fort Pierce offers the fastest release time of your loved one. This is because we offer Instant Bail to facilitate jail release as fast as legally possible. Ask us about our Instant Bail that works directly from your smartphone!