What Is A Bail Bond & How Do They Work in Ft Pierce?

In Ft Pierce and for St Lucie County Jail, a judge sets a bail amount for an inmate (defendant). If the defendant can’t pay the amount on their own, they can ask for help from a Bail bondsman. We handle the Bail Bond for you. To post a Bail Bond, the defendant is required to pay 10% of the bail amount. This is Florida law. You won’t pay more or less than this. For example, a bond set at $5,000 would require a $500 bail amount be paid by the defendant. Some bail bonds companies will tell you they can offer cheaper bail. If they tell you this, it is a lie. All Florida bail bonds companies are legally required to charge 10% of the bail amount, no more or no less. Call us for help! We are open 24 hours a day, holidays included.